Crew Management

We are in the business of attracting, developing and retaining the best set of crew for you. Our management centres are supported by global manning offices to recruit skilled seafarers and coordinate all your crewing needs.Our crewing services include: 
⦁ Recruiting
⦁ Coordination of manning offices and crewing needs for the vessel
⦁ Proactive communication with client
⦁ Training of crew
⦁ Accounting
⦁ Cost control
⦁ Follow up of Protection and Indemnity Insurance
⦁ Payroll service
⦁ Ensuring compliance according to industry standards (medical, visa, certificates)
⦁ Travel coordination
⦁ Certificate of Incorpation.
⦁ ISO 9001:2015 Standards
⦁ Department of Labour
Crew Management System
⦁ This is the basic crew management service, offering client ship owners’ crew department with a low-cost solution covering all aspects of seafarers’ recruitment.

⦁ Flight arrangements Certification follow-up Rejoining program ITF -IBF coverage