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Welcome to Crown Marine Management Pvt. Ltd.

Crown Marine Management is the leading Crew Management Company in India. Crown Marine Management is focusing on the employment of experienced, duly certified and qualified seamen for a large fleet of vessels, consisting of bulk carriers, tankers, reefers, containers and passenger vessels.

Crown Marine Management is established in 2016 by four port-captains with ample experience in crewing. The supreme company’s expertise in crewing is at your disposal, on any issue related with your vessels’ crew at any time, before, during or after their employment.

Our Ambition

Crown Marine Management Pvt. Ltd. is to shape the maritime industry. Through innovation, expertise, quality products and services we are able to meet the challenges and needs of the world’s global fleet.

Our Motivation

The experience our company has gained over the last 30 years in crewing and ship management, together with a global network of offices/manning agencies in major hubs, allows us to service clients where and when needed.


In response to fast changing markets, we’re continuously developing more cost-efficient crew and ship management services, better bespoke solutions, and more flexible processes. Above all, we’re always there for you, and for our communities. Everywhere. Every time!

Technical Services

Crown Marine Management Pvt. Ltd. is the world's largest Technical Ship Manager and also provides high quality technical, engineering, consulting, inspection, testing and maintenance support services.

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Commercial Services

Crown Marine Management Pvt. Ltd. provides a range of supporting commercial services, including procurement, contracting, agency, post-fixture management and adjusting.

Workforce Services

Crown Marine Management Pvt. Ltd. is one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine and offshore maritime personnel, covering the entire recruitment and deployment chain.


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I, ROCKY YADAV, CME TO Crown marine for the job of Deck cadet. All the process was easy and very helpful for me. Captain Sir and all staff is friendly. I am lucky to be part of this Company.

CROWN Marine Management Is Established In 2016 By Four Port-Captains With Ample Experience In Crewing.

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